Anti-counterfeit Code:

Anti-counterfeit Code:
Query Prompt:
  1. Please from left to right, turn the input digital code to query from the top to the bottom, and then click the "search" button, verification of digital information
  2. Please enter correct Anti-counterfeit Code, it could only be used once to verify after that it becomes invalid.

  • If the security code you entered is correct, the query system: This Anti-Counterfeit code is correct! You bought an EMAX product!
  • If the security code you entered has already been checked, the query system: This Anti-Counterfeit code is correct and has been checked already at ****-**-** **:**:**. If this is your first time to check then you may have bought a fake EMAX product. Please contact your vendor.
  • If the security code you entered does not exist, the query system: Sorry, the Anti-Counterfeit code does not exsit! You bought a FAKE EMAX product, please contact the vendor.
  • Disclaimer:this system can only verify the products produced by the manufacturer. For after-sales service, please contact your local dealer. Thank you.

After-sales Service Commitment

1. Product quality
All products are guaranteed on consistency.
All products are stabilized after 24-hour aging testing.
All products are 100% inspected PASS before shipment.
All products are ensured compliance with national standards, GB4793.1-GB1094.6-96 Degrees of protection provided by enclosure, GB4793-1984 Safety requirements for electronic measuring instruments, GB191 Packaging storage and transportation signs.
2. After-sales service Clause
2.1 Responsibility
We are only responsible for the samage or loss before opening-box inspections, otherwise, it is out of our responsibility in 6 months calid from the sate of purchasing to provide with further services for repair, maintenance or replacement.
2.2 Escape Provision
The following is out of our commitment and maintenance for free:
A. No any other valid proof.
B. Unauthorized repair to misuse or removal.
C. Normal wear and tear of accessories.
D. Abnormal connection to high-voltage equipments or long-time unuse.
E. Damage or defects caused by force majeure.
F. Improper maintenance and repair.